Hidden Hearts

There are a total of 31 paintings in the Hidden Hearts series each with its own poem, the collection is only available in book format. The first 100 books printed are signed and numbered, limited edition artist proofs. Below I have showcased a small selection of paintings available in the book, to order a copy of my book call me today on 07909 542389

Man Catcher

Oil on canvas (approx. 60 x 48 inches)

Man Catcher.jpg

When the wind blows from the west
Clouds of mascara black
Laden with anguish and fear
Whistle past the unsuspecting

Trawling in cloaked petticoat thrills of fragmented white
Dancing and crashing on rocks and sand
The hunt is on unleashing her needs
Denial that the victim is the predator

Illusions entangle her in her own obsessive net
Her ceaseless pursuit of the man that is justly hers
The chase takes over what she tries to hide

Her strength is misplaced and out of control
The catch is no longer the prize
The chase is her seducer.

Flirting Fillies

4ft x 4ft

Flirting fillies.jpg

Best in show beauty queen
Sasses off to a broken dream
Flirting lashes and sarsaparilla lips
Seductive walk with gun-slinger hips

Orange glow as the heat wave rises
Rosettes handed out for misplaced prizes
Dare you to follow the carrot and the feather
Dust kicking boots made of real leather

Bare-back rides take us away
Galloping dreams of long gone astray
Wait too long, I will be gone
Singing another cow girl song

Of tequila heart breaks and buffalo steaks
Front porch swings and rhinestone rings
I dare you to follow my Stetson trail
Across the Nevada, inhibitions exhale

My holster is loaded ready to kill
Your deepest desires, your every thrill
Satin and lace, a lover’s embrace
These boots so fancy, I dare you to chase

Kicking up dust in each dead little town
Where bars are propped up by a rodeo clown
Will you throw the dice and take a chance
Or stay in your world of the two-step dance?

The Tease

Oil on canvas (approx. 5ft x 4ft)

The Tease.jpg

‘Twas early morn on Primrose Hill
When Ted tried his final move
From 8pm to 6am
His love he wants to prove

He had the hots for Vera, a stunning buxom lass
With her hour-glass figure, she was not from working class.

The meal of seven courses that was aiming to impress
Made very little progress, on removing Vera’s dress

The champagne he had planned had cost him near a ton
His efforts all in vain, as it all went down in one

He still had eyes for only this voluptuous bottomless pit
He would give his last penny for her to stay where she did sit


‘Coffee back at mine?’ she said, with a sparkle in her eye
But just an offer of a dog walk, in the park nearby

The three sat on the bench side by side by side
His last plan in hand trying very hard to hide

The dog’s eyes were watching Ted’s every little move

With the mutt out of the way, his love he then could prove
Dog biscuit in orbit, dog’s fangs holding tight
The tease was now over, Vera’s love was now in sight

Who would have thought the turning-point a dog biscuit could bring?
Ted and Vera now together without costing one damn thing!

Dance of Light

Oil on canvas (approx. 4ft x 4ft)

Dance of Light.jpg

We dance for your passion
We dance for your light
We dance for your dreams
Till the dawn is in sight

Sweet the bloom glows
With virgin clarity of innocence wide
Colours that dance and fill our eyes
Brush gently in the moonlit skies

So full we spill life’s beauty forth
To every mortal soul
Soothe the pain of life’s remorse
Give stride to them on uncharted course

Passing precious steps of feather
Through life’s fields of anonymous pride
Create worlds of vast arrays
With sky hearts open wide

Ignite the embers of smouldering desires
Where wounded souls cocooned in sleep lapse in time
Vital new world with dew embrace
Awaken every upward turning face

We dance for your passion
We dance for your light
We dance for your dreams
Till the dawn is in sight.


Oil on canvas (approx. 36 x 24 inches)


Here we sit aloof and fine
All jewelled up and feeling divine


You may look and admire
Your eyes on us, just will not tire

But you cannot touch what you see
Diamonds and pearls the price would be

So feast your eyes on this elegant sight
We will pose eternally for your delight.

Queen of Hearts

Oil on canvas (approx. 5ft x 4ft)

Queen of Hearts.jpg

Immersed in the flag of dedication
She vows allegiance to the nation
The diamond crown is lifted high
Responsibilities of history lie

At twenty-seven, a tender age
Stepping up to centre stage
Sixty years a momentous task
A secret place to release the mask

A reflection of how she is inside
Still twenty-seven, a Coronation bride
Handbag on armour, Racing Post on chair
Norman Hartnell frock, what to wear?

Coronet hung on the rocking-horse ear
Fob watch reminiscing on each passing year
Lucky horse shoe on gold watch chain
The Derby winner is yet to train

Even Her Majesty needs a bit of luck!