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The Nissan Skyline bonnet was a  commission by a future wife to her future husband , the present was a surprise for the bridegroom.

THE SPEC  He was into skate boarding and Victor Earhart was his hero. Victor was a famous 70 year old long board skater who’s entire life was dedicated to the sport in San Diego since 1963.The bridegroom was also a Star Wars fanatic and was  also fascinated by the universe.


So in my air brush mural I brought all the above information together.

Victor is riding upon a imperial War Ship form Star Wars and it has been turned into a long board as it rips through the metal bonnet revealing the universe behind where the couples star signs touch.



This mural was commissioned by renowned car re-stylist Andy Saunders for his custom built show stopper Metropolis, a coachbuilt 1939 Peugeot 202 pickup.  


The robot from this  Metropolis is obviously sexier than the one from the film to add some glitz to the mural. Her face is a rendition of Marlene Dietrich. The robot is German and controls the Peugeot Lion and has through the very nature of war transformed the Lion into a robot of Hitler’s war machine. The lion is a geometric, art deco robot. The female's headdress, earrings and boots are adorned with jewellery, but this jewellery is tied into the car by being all the pieces of hand made trim made for the finished vehicle. The circle they stand on represents the wheel trim. The robot has ruled the lion for the duration of the war but if you notice between the robot's legs you will see a broken link in the chain that bound them and this represents the end of the war and the return to peace and thus the Lion has started to regrow its fur on its legs and face as a representation of freedom.

The photo is of the mural sat on the easel in the gallery before it had being taken for lacquering.


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